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(Left) Gary Hill, Cut Pipe, 1992. Video, sound, and sculpture installation. (Right) Andy Warhol
, The Underground Sundae, 1968. Broadcast commercial; 16mm color kinescope with audio. Installation at Kramlich Residence, Napa Valley, California. Photographs by artist Catherine Wagner, part of a commissioned series for the forthcoming book on the Kramlich Residence and Collection.




The Kramlich Residence, located in the beautiful landscape of Napa Valley, California, is both a home for the Kramlichs and a dedicated space for their pioneering collection of media art.

Designed by Swiss architects Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron, the Kramlichs first met Jacques and Pierre in May 1997 during a dinner organised by Christian and Cherise Moueix to coincide with the completion of Dominus winery in Yountville, Napa Valley. Proposing to design a home for their unique art collection, the initial drawings and models were presented to the Kramlichs in November 1997. Becoming a laboratory of ideas for both the architects and clients, it would take eighteen years for the project to be fully realised at the end of 2015, with the first presentation of artworks completed in September 2016. Artworks are presented in intimate, yet high quality dedicated spaces.

The Kramlich Residence and Collection book chronicles the journey of the architectural project and art collection in richly illustrated detail with many accompanying essays and contributions, with particular attention to the evolution of how spaces are created for media art, the philosophy of living with artworks from this unique collection, and the historical contexts of house-museums.

The Residence is actively used as a home by the Kramlichs. Visits are by personal invitation only.